Less is more

Less is more – We all enjoy trying out new product, new cosmetic brands or household chemicals, we have a pile of hand and bath towels all with different designs, shower caps and all kinds of other stuff. Finally, this all becomes the reason for our bathroom to be full of all kinds of colors and forms and it is difficult to make it look like in the magazines. This problem can be easily solved if we invest in bathroom cabinets. Even in the tiniest bathroom there is space for a small cabinet where you can store the whole palette of products and let your bathroom breathe.

Set everything in order

Set everything in order – Very often we are not pleased with the look of our bathroom while there is a very simple solution! As time goes by we pile up unnecessary items that gradually worsen the looks and atmosphere of our bathrooms. Take radical measures, take out all of your bathrooms fittings, and leave out all of the things that you are not using regularly. Arrange your bathroom as you would be using it for the first time and you will be surprised from the results.