Cozy interior

Cozy interior – Often bathrooms are overlooked when it comes to the interior of our home because they are usually the smallest part of it. Pick up the right accessories so that they correspond to your vision of comfort and also to the overall interior of your home. Arrange some Spa stones, artificial fern or if you have an empty wall you can even hang a picture or your favorite photos in a frame.

Technical details

Technical details - sometimes little factors could be very important for your stay in the bathroom, this is why even the smallest details should be planned and thought of. Ensure that you have a protected electrical plug, so that you can use electrical items such as hair-drier/straightener or epilator. Make sure that every switch in your bathroom is lighted, so you don’t get confused in the dark. Last but not least a well-ventilated room will grant you pleasant moments even if you decide to stay in your bathroom for a longer period