Energy Green

Perfect harmony and fragrant energy that will awaken your joy - in the green Milde packaging, a fragrance with fresh green notes and a core of lily leaves, lavender and a fine base of sandalwood awaits you

Premium toilet paper that fascinates with amazing strength, exceptional density and impressive absorbency. Milde is a dermatologically tested three-layer product made of 100% natural cellulose to guarantee you a gentle touch and a luxurious sensory experience. The green package Milde Energy Green will give you fragrant energy for your every day! A wealth of aromas combined in perfect harmony and perfect
softness that will awaken your joy.
• White paper with a refined pattern design in light green
• A fragrance with fresh green notes – a core of lily and lavender leaves and a fine base of sandalwood.
If you love to enjoy nature, green meadows and sunshine, you will surely enjoy the Milde green packaging. Scented with freshness like a spring flower.

Available in packs: