About Milde

Milde extends beyond the typical brand, surpassing the limitations of words, signs, or forms. Milde embodies a vision of life and an everyday philosophy. Milde is dedicated to uncompromising quality – the epitome of perfect mildness, accompanied by inspiring fragrances and refined contemporary style. Brand`s commitment is to deliver a tender experience for both the body and soul.

Because Milde is not just toilet paper; it’s everyday luxury, inviting you to treat yourself to the high-quality products you truly deserve. Milde embodies a commitment to excellence, a beacon of innovation, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. It sets the standard for quality.


For Milde, perfection is the first and most important ideal. The definition that the brand gives to quality is only one – uncompromising. Milde is thoroughness – dedication to even the smallest detail, because there lies the key for perfection.
Milde. Mildly said, perfect.
Milde creates its products with one main goal – care for the mind and body! It is the embodiment of perfect tenderness, accompanied by inspiring aromas and sophisticated modern style. Milde is much more than the high-quality product you deserve – it’s the everyday luxury experience to reward your senses.
Milde believes in the power of individuality. The brand offers a rich palette of fragrances, colors and designs, among which you can find the most suitable ones to express your unique style and give your living space the look that resonates with you.